Feeling grateful

Some mornings it really is hard to get out of bed, it’s the weekend and it’s wet and windy outside.  I’m sure you’ve all had mornings like this. Absolutely no reason to hurry up and rush to put the coffee machine on.  Of course, if hubby feels like doing it, I would not say no to coffee and toast in bed.

Well, this morning was like that (minus the coffee in bed, hubby was more reluctant than me to get out of bed).  So I just laid there, thinking about nothing in particular, letting the thoughts come and go as they pleased.

Looking out our floor to ceiling windows, watching the trees bend over in the windy and wet weather, the thought came to me that I’m really lucky to have the luxury of simply laying there and admire nature on a day many would say is less than perfect.

Wet Saturday morning

And then the floodgates of “thankfulness” opened.  There are so many things in life to be thankful for but we rarely take the time to acknowledge them.  We are too busy living our lives, hurrying towards that final goal post (it could be closer than we think) to realise that every day there is something to be grateful for.

It shouldn’t just to be the big fireworks events in our lives that we are grateful for, they are so obvious.  No, every day, no matter how bad, have some little thing we can focus on and say a silent thank you for.

So practising what I preach, here is my “I’m so grateful for” list for today;

It’s pouring with rain and I’m so grateful –

  • I don’t have to water the garden / pots today,
  • It’s too wet to go for that 5km walk we said we were going to do every
  • I can put off doing the washing, too wet for drying on the line (I try to not use the clothes drier),
  • I can use the clothes dryer if I really need to wash something today,
  • I have a perfect excuse to spend hours and hours sorting out my photos

It’s cold outside (well, what we here in Far North Queensland think of as cold, it’s  20°C) and I’m so grateful –

  • I have the perfect opportunity to wear that winter jumper I bought 4 years ago (now I just have to find it!),
  • We installed reverse cycle air-conditioning so I can turn the heating on tonight (who would have thought you need heating in the tropics),
  • I can tell hubby to keep all the doors closed, for once we won’t be overrun with insects when the lights are turned on (I will see what I’m eating),
  • I didn’t go camping with my friends this weekend.

That’s of course looking at this whole thing on a lighter note.  I tend to do that, makes life so much easier.  But that doesn’t mean the subject is not a serious one, personally I simply chose to walk on the brighter side of life’s highway, it can be very crowded in the “misery lane”.

Seriously though, there really is something to be grateful for every day. As I lay there in my warm and cozy bed (hubby still refusing to get up and make that first cup of coffee for me), I made a promise to myself to spend some time every day to say a silent thank you and focus on something to be grateful for.

The obvious ones are easy;  I live in a beautiful country, I was so lucky to find my soul mate in life, I have a beautiful family, I have a  roof over my head and food on the table, etc., etc.  Those are the easy ones, it’s the more obscure ones that can be hard to find.  A bit of soul searching might be required, but I can promise that somewhere in the endless sea of everyday experiences and observations, there is a worthy contender for the “I’m so grateful for” daily prize.