Hi, and welcome!  I’m Harriet, the driving force behind Scandi-Sense.

I’m a not-so-young perpetual optimist, born in Sweden and now living in tropical Far North Queensland, Australia.  I share my life with my best friend, soul mate and constant companion, my husband Greg.  You’ll find he is the inspiration for many of my stories.

For the past couple of years Greg and I have been working in Papua New Guinea whilst still maintaining our home in Queensland.  Our two children are grown up and we have two beautiful granddaughters – two perfect excuses for regular return trips to Australia.

I love nature, I’m passionate about animals and I’m a perpetual student of the human ability to overcome seemingly impossible odds.

So what’s Scandi-Sense all about?  And why the name Scandi-Sense?

Life can be very challenging and my life, as well as Greg’s, has been a series of highs and lows, a virtual roller-coaster ride.  Luckily, there has been many more highs than lows.  But there have been times when life seemed to deliberately try to drown us or make us wallow in our own misery and self-pity. That’s when we needed to switch on that special “positivity gene” that lurks inside us all, something we can all do in order to make our all-too-short lives a pleasant journey.

I’ve found I tend to see a glimmer of hope or something amusing in most situations, no matter how mundane, bad or frustrating.  I truly believe we all need to have a “glass-half-full” attitude on our journey through life.  After all, what’s the sense of going through life with a frown on your face?  In a nut shell – none at all!

I love reading and I have always had a passion for writing.  Scandi-Sense was created as a vehicle to share my everyday observations and experiences and hopefully spread a bit of sunshine at the same time.  A vehicle to let my Scandinavian roots of fun and sensibility come to the surface.

I invite you to take a look at life through my eyes.

Scandi-Sense:  Look at the sunny side of life and enjoy the ride!