No more wine – I’m trying to write!

This blogging business is hard work!  9.30pm on a Friday night is definitely not the time to do it.  Especially not after a glass of wine or two … or three … o.k., maybe four.  But they were small glasses so the fourth one really doesn’t count.

I have finally come out of the closet (so to speak) and let my friends and the rest of the world know I’m writing this blog.  I’m so surprised and pleasantly surprised at the support, really wasn’t sure anyone would want to follow me.  So a big Thank You, this has given me the encouragement to continue.

As I’ve said in an earlier post, I’m new at this.  And not just new, I’m a virtual virgin.  So heaven help those of you who have chosen to follow my blog.  All I can say is buckle up and tighten your belts, this could be a bumpy ride.  But hey, we could have some fun on the way.  And as long as we don’t take things too seriously, we should be o.k.

I have just realised I posted a photo on Instagram before I had a chance to rotate it, see what I mean, you shouldn’t drink and blog!  But thank you to those of you who still liked it and didn’t say a word, you are definitely my kind of friends.  So just for your benefit, here is the picture, right side up ..

No more wine please!

Told you, the glasses were small!

I’d love to get your input and suggestions, so please feel free to leave a comment in the comments box at the end of any of the the blogs.

For once this is going to be a short post (I can literally hear your sighs of relief from here), I really just wanted to say a big Thank You to those of you decided to go on this journey with me.



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