Some friendships last a lifetime

I have now reached that point in life when I not only look to the future but I also start to look backwards.  There are so many memories fighting for space in my brain, all of a sudden I find myself thinking about something or more specifically, someone I thought I had long since forgotten.

If a face bubbles to the surface I can spend the next couple of hours trying to put a name to that face;  for some reason names and faces seem to be stored in completely different vaults in my memory bank.  Sometimes it is simply impossible to find a matching pair.  It just doesn’t compute.  A bit like socks, you put a pair into the washing machine but only one comes out.  The other one is either lost for all eternity or it will re-join the sock family a few washes down the track.

We all meet so many people throughout our lives.  Some are like ships passing  in the night, they are on your radar for a short time before disappearing over the horizon again.  You have some good time together and though you occasionally give them a thought, they really aren’t missed once they are out of sight.

Others on the other hand, drop anchor next to you and stay there for a while, maybe even for ever.  You see them on a regular basis and if for some reason they move away, you stay in touch with them. You keep them posted on what’s happening in your life and they do exactly the same.

And then there is the third type of friendship, the one that is permanently anchored deep in your soul.  This kind of friendship doesn’t depend on constant contact.  For one reason or another you just “clicked”, had lots of good and bad times together and somehow, no matter what, you really enjoyed each others friendship.  Then one day, life separates you and you lose touch with each other.

Years can go by without any contact at all and then all of a sudden you meet up again and it’s like you saw them only yesterday.  You simply start up where you left off.  Lots might have changed but somehow nothing has.  You might live in different parts of the world, lead completely different types of lives, but that special bond, that friendship formed long ago is unchanged.  Some friendships are like that and they are very special.

I talk about this because we have had a very good friend of my husband  visiting us over the weekend.  Their friendship goes back over 40 years to when they were just starting out in life.  They spent some years working together and then life took them in different directions and to different cities.

Old buddies

They have caught up with each other once in a while but there has been no regularity to the contacts.  So it was so much fun to observe these two now “mature” blokes (they are no longer the young spring chickens they once were!) spend until the small hours of the morning talking about everything under the sun and just catching up.

Friendships like these are so wonderful, there are no strings attached, no demands of “must stay in touch”; just the joy of catching up and getting the latest update on what’s happened in each others lives since last time.  If many years have past since the previous meeting, we have a laugh at how we have changed.  We make comments like  “You had hair the last time I saw you!” or “You’ve put on a little bit of weight!”, things you only say to real friends.  Things you say because you can, no offence intended and none taken.

This particular friend of my husband’s was travelling through our part of the country with his new partner.  They were travelling by car to the very tip of Australia, a trip that has become a right of passage to all four wheel drive enthusiasts in this country.

We spent a couple of very enjoyable evenings together, I made new friends and my husband re-connected with an old one.  This morning, after taking lots of photos of course, we waved them good bye, wished them a safe trip and offered them a bed on their way back.

Until next time

Hopefully they send some photos so we can follow their adventure up north and we really hope they make a short stop at “Harriet’s Hotel”on the way back (we have had so many visitors over the years our place was given this nick name).  But if we don’t hear from them for another couple of years, it doesn’t matter, when we do meet up again, we’ll just continue on from where we left off this morning.






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