The law of Murphy

Why is it that as soon as you think you are organised and ready to go with a new project, Mr Murphy (of Murphy’s Law) comes knocking on your door and totally upsets the apple cart?

I started this blog as a bit of a time-filler while Greg and I wait for new work permits to come from Papua New Guinea.  Without them, we have not been able to go back there to work and we have had quite a bit of time on our hands.

After a couple of months of watching morning television, I really had had enough of adverts for “senior’s funeral services”, “air-fryers”, “wrinkle cream” and all those exercise machines that, according to the manufacturer, so handily stores under the bed (?).

Seriously, how much storage does the average couple have under their bed?  There must be a complete gym set up under there, with very skinny fairies coming to exercise while we are all asleep.  According to Greg, “if you want to know where all the exercise equipment is,  go to the fat people” (and look under the bed!).

Under bed storage

Please, before you all start attacking me, this is all tongue-in-cheek, I am not having a go at over-weight people trying to lose weight, I am simply commenting on the ridiculous claims made by the advertisers to get us to buy their products.  And their repetitiveness.  I challenge you to not consider buying something after having watched the same ad over and over for a few weeks.

I have now come to understand who the target market for morning television is;  over-weight, wrinkled seniors who apparently can’t cook.  All they supposedly need is a treadmill, rowing machine, ab-cruncher or even better, one of the new wobble boards.  They can then put on the miracle wrinkle cream, hop on the exercise machine and, while watching television,  in “just a few short weeks” be 20 kg lighter and look 20 years younger (sign me up!) All this, while the air-fryer/deep fryer/or any other fryer advertised, cooks a 3 course meal to absolute perfection.

Dinner’s ready

I got into the habit of turning the TV on at the same time as the coffee machine in the mornings, while we were in PNG.  That way we could watch the Australian morning news while having breakfast.  And that habit came back with us to Australia.  I get out of bed, turn on the coffee machine and then hit the “on” button on the TV.

Morning television doesn’t exactly motivate you and  I needed something to focus on, something new in my life.  Something challenging to keep my poor, almost 64 years old deteriorating (according to the advertisers) brain in top condition.

A blog seemed like a good idea and I finally got my back-side into gear and managed to get my website up and running.  As I’m still on L-plates and not overly tech savvy (read not-at-all but learning) it has taken much longer than I thought it would.  And this is where Mr Murphy comes in (you thought I would never get there, right?).

I really want to give this blogging business a go and I started to think that the delay with our working visas was a good thing after all.  I had plenty of time to sit down and think of something to talk about.  And to continue to learn more about the whole subject of blogging and how to get more followers etc.

But no, no, no.   Murphy’s Law as we all know, dictates that anything that can go wrong will go wrong.  So after all my time management planning,  having that smug sense of “I can do this!”, I now find that the schedule can be thrown out the window. 


We have finally been notified that our work permits are on the way and we will probably be packing our bags in another couple of weeks.  This is really good news of course, however it probably means that my blogging will not be as regular as I had planned.  And I was so exited!

Instead the time will now be taken up making arrangements for somewhere to live in Port Moresby,  making numerous trips to the embassy to get the visas inserted into our passports (nothing happens quickly in PNG), arrange for tenants or house sitters (decisions, decisions) and do all the shopping for things we need up there.  Shopping we have had over four months to do mind you.

And while we’re talking shopping, I need an exercise machine for a couple of weeks in order to lose the extra kilos that have settled on my hips while I’ve been watching TV and eating those gourmet meals.


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