Trip down memory lane

A few posts back I talked about my husband killing time by suddenly taking to furniture restoration with hitherto unseen enthusiasm (read more here).

Not to let Greg have all the glory, I have found my own remedy for killing time – photo sorting.  Now there is a time killer to beat all others!  I can see myself spending the next couple of weeks doing this, heaven knows how I’m going to have time for anything else.

It all started innocently enough, I was searching for a specific photo to insert into my blog.  A photo I knew I had … somewhere.

If you are like me, you have thousands of photos on your phone, tablet or computer.  And if you are one of those organised people, you have sorted them into albums for ease of locating later on.  Well, I can announce to the world, I am not one of those people.  It is all too easy to just shoot away, have a quick look and then just forget about it.

Of course the organised people of the world also make sure the photos are backed up in one form or the other.  Here I give myself a big tick!  Yep, I have dutifully backed up photo libraries from three different computers, two digital cameras, several smart phones, as well as photos posted by friends and family on social media.  To make matters worse I have back-ups of back-ups, so when I open the drive I am met with a forest of folders.

This means that after more than 12 years of happily clicking away at just about anyone and everything, finding a specific photo makes finding that needle in the proverbial hay stack look like a piece of cake (why, oh why, didn’t I spend some time organising all those photos?)

Photo forest

Looking for my photo, I found myself opening folder after folder and nearly forgot why I started this whole exercise. I wasn’t looking for that specific photo any longer, I was thoroughly enjoying myself walking down a pictorial memory lane.  My goodness, Greg and I have had some fun and done some crazy things together.  Photos, like music, have the capacity to instantly transport you to a different time and place and I spent a few happy hours “travelling” back in time.  Thank goodness we had left-overs in the fridge from the day before, I was way too busy to do any cooking.

The cause of all this merriment, said photograph, was however nowhere to be found.  It finally dawned on me it was taken back in the dark ages (the olden days as our kids used to say).  So onwards to plan B – the many photo albums and photo boxes hiding in one of the cupboards.

Here I must explain that I have always been a keen photographer so there are literally thousands of photographs.  Having brought all the albums and boxes out of the cupboard and put on the sofa, I could see that I must have single-handedly kept the photo shop in business.

Some of our photo boxes

At some stage I had obviously started to sort all those photos, some of the envelopes had dates on them. But judging by the majority of envelopes tightly squeezed into the boxes, this was considered a job for another time.  A time that has now come.

As I started to go through the photos, I constantly called Greg to “come and have a look at this!”. No sooner after having had a look and returning to whatever he was doing, another call would go out “you really must have a look at this!”.  He soon tired of running backwards and forwards and for the next couple of hours he too was absorbed in this form of time travel.

The older the photos were, the more we laughed and the more we remembered. We laughed at ourselves, how silly we looked, how young we were and we reminisced about the kids, dogs and friends we at some stage thought would be in our lives forever.

After several hours, one thing became very clear, there was no order what-so-ever to my photo filing. At one time there might have been, but no more.  What was not put into albums was simply squeezed into a box waiting for the photo fairy to put it in its place.  And Greg was no help at all, once he had enough of reminiscing, he put the photos he had spread out around him back into one of the boxes, got up and said “can’t believe how many photos we have, you should sort them out!”.

Yeah right, as if I don’t have anything better to do.  Well that’s just it, at the moment, I don’t.

P.S.  I did finally find the photo.




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