Waiting…waiting…Still waiting!

Is there anything more frustrating than waiting?  Be it waiting in line at the supermarket, at the bank or waiting to board the plane .  Not to mention being put on hold and placed in a phone cue.  That’s a universal “tear-out-your-hair” and curl up in the fetal position moment.

I’m not good at waiting but I’m 100 times more patient than my husband. He  hates waiting and if he can avoid a situation that requires any form of waiting, he will.  So believe me when I say that our present situation is anything but ideal.  What to do with all your spare time while waiting?

We are presently back in Australia awaiting our new work permits for Papua New Guinea.  And we have been waiting for quite a few months now, our new contracts with a new employer, signed long ago.  PNG has this odd requirement that you have to be out of the country when re-applying for a new work permit even if your present permit has many months to go.

With so much time on his hands, hubby has dreamt up all sorts of things to do, not only for himself but unfortunately, for me too.  All I can say is that Google and YouTube have a lot to answer for.  For one, he discovered the pleasure of renovating old furniture, something he wouldn’t have given a second thought six months ago.

He resurrected our old and very comfortable cane dining chairs, destined for the tip after a recent purchase of new ones.  He repaired them and re-sprayed them and had me make new cushion covers for them.  I myself stupidly offered to do that, thinking I’ll stitch them up in a couple of hours.  I do know how to sew after all and the sewing machine could do with a workout, it had sat idle for the last couple of years.  Definitely time for it to earn its keep.

I had the perfect material on hand and it was just a matter of re-using the zippers and making exact copies of the old ones,  how hard could that be?  As it turned out, very hard.  I have made many types of cushion covers in my younger years, there is really not much to it, even the fully tailored ones are quite easy to make.  But these ones almost made me lose my sanity.

I struggled with those blasted covers for five (five !) days and for the life of me, I couldn’t work out where I was going wrong.  I could not get the measurements right to get the curved rear edges nice and smooth (did I mention I’m a perfectionist?).  Making it worse was hubby’s constant jack-in-the-box impersonation and sudden expertise at cushion-cover making.  He has no idea of how close he came to wearing one of those covers.

No one can ever accuse my dear husband of not going the full yard.  Once the chairs were mastered, nothing in the garage was safe.  The corner in the garage where we had put old furniture to be given away or thrown out, was all of a sudden in the spotlight.  Nothing was safe.

Bed head and side tables

A queen size bed with a beautiful timber bedhead was sanded down, several coats of oil applied and Hey Presto!, a new bed appeared where once an old ready-to-be-thrown-out one had stood.  Bedside tables were sanded, legs repainted and they were now way too good to part with.  He even restored our outdoor glass table, stripped the paint off the aluminium frame and re-sprayed it.  It came up like new.  And I must admit the frustration with the cushion covers was worth it, we now had another usable outdoor setting.

For a professional man, used to putting large deals together and managing a sizeable work force, he could put many a furniture restorer to shame.

But of course there are only so many old things stored in the garage and the novelty did wear off after a time.  Lately he has taken to reading my monthly food magazines (he is really bored), taking great interest in the many wonderful recipes hidden within their covers.  I have always bought food magazines but very rarely have I cooked any of the dishes.

Alas, the luxury of just reading the recipes at my own leisure is now gone.  My soul mate is now making constant suggestions for recipes “we” should make, “we” meaning me.  I have never cooked so many new dishes, some very complicated, others thank goodness, less so.  But I concede I’m learning a lot and we have never eaten so well.  Not to mention that some of my many house hold gadgets have finally seen the light of day.

What’s left of the Maltesers cake

Luckily, Greg and I enjoy each other’s company and having worked together since the first day we met, we have learnt to put up with each other and take an interest in what the other one is doing.  Be it furniture restoration, sewing or cooking we are determined to keep ourselves occupied while we wait…and wait.


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